Indigo, the colour of the royals. It has been a part of India’s cultural heritage which travels back to
over four thousand years. The art of extraction of Indigo dye has been mastered since the Indus
Valley civilisation.


At Bhusattva, only the purest form of the raw materials are used to create its products. Crafted to
perfection, the farmers working for Bhusattva extract the finest of the shades of blue through the
ancient method of dye extraction.


After ninety days of harvest the leaves are soaked in hot water to ferment.
It is manually fermented by the workers who work tirelessly to churn out the most vibrant of the
pigments. The sediments of the liquid is collected and further processed to achieve the pure colors.
These pigments are then used to colour the fabrics. The more the dye washes the cloth goes
through, the deeper the shade it exhibits. When the dye comes in contact with oxygen, it seals the
colour within the heart of the fabric. The beautiful coloured cloth is then dried in the sun till the
colour achieves a radiant blue.


This radiant blue dress is a classic, from our line of Indigo tinted perfections of the runway. The
fabric of this dress as been specially cut in a diametric pattern for the perfect fall and a graceful
silhouette which accentuates the feminine form of the wearer. Not only does the garment exhibit
exclusive design appeal it even carries with itself the luxury and comfort of natural fibres such as silk
and cotton. The fabric contours the curves of the wearer and forms the perfect outfit for the show-
stopper of the night.




Each and every bead of the dress has the purpose to accentuate the grace of this beautiful semi-
formal evening wear. The beadwork has been meticulously done by crafted artisans whose fingers
are specialised to form the most beautiful of beaded patterns.


We bring you such wonderfully crafted masterpieces to the runway from the bosom of nature.
Naturally crafted, just for you.