The yarn of love has found its way to the runway and the hearts of fashionistas across the world.
Peace silk is not only softer, but has proven to be therapeutic for the wearer. The silhouettes
formed by the dress has exquisite drape and comfort. True to our claim that Peace Silk gives a
better fall than the commercially produced fabric, we bring you three of our favourite pieces
from the runway. Bhusattva has been weaving exquisite dreams into reality with Peace silk.

“BWD647” – Certified organic kurta made from ahimsa silk raising the ethos of harmless
creation. This kurta is designed for formal and classy evenings. The garment reveals a very
elegant persona of the wearer. This Kurta has been naturally dyed in glorious ombre. The
gradation of the colors have been made such that the harmonious blend of various colours
depict the coordination of elements of Earth. The tranquillity of the colours used in such a
beautiful way that it brings out the nature of non-violent piece of art. The white base bringing
out the colors of the natural dyes is a perfect reflection of solidarity.




“BWD372” - Eco-friendly white kurta made from ahimsa silk is crafted for a relaxed and
comfortable wear. The colour white revealing the tranquil insights and personality of the
wearer. Buttons of the base colour on the front maintains the symmetry for a formal look as
well. The abstract embroidery on the plain base, are hand painted flowers. The flower motifs in
black are very diligently painted with the natural black colour to bring out an element of the
urban abstract approach towards nature. This kurta is ready to wear choice for any casual event
or it can be worn throughout the day with enormous comfort and breathability.



“BWD212” – White coloured kurta with a western look holds the integrity of non- violence and
equanimity as it is made from the ahimsa silk. Drenched in the comfort of organic fibers it
provides the wearer a very luxurious feel. Adorned with the lustrous charm of silk it is a perfect
wear, in order to grab attention. A belt is attached to the waistline on the garment and double
half layering is done on the sides giving it a box pleated look. The contour of the garment gives it
a very swanky appeal which can be completed by pairing it up with a legging of the same colour.